Finance & Insurance

We respect the costs involved with dental procedures. We also respect that dental insurance may have limited coverage with respect to coverage of dental treatment needs, particularly in the area of periodontics and dental implant therapy. While your insurance may not pay for all periodontal treatment, it may certainly help alleviate a certain amount of the financial burden. In an attempt to ease the financial concern associated with your recommended dental care, our office offers two different payment options. One interest free payment option is made available through Wells Fargo and another more flexible payment option available is through CareCredit.

We are not a “preferred” provider with any insurance provider. However, to assist you in getting the most out of your dental insurance in our office we will assist you in filing your dental claim. We will forward the insurance company all the necessary documentation they require for processing your claim in a timely fashion.

What does this mean to me? You, the patient, are responsible for paying, in full, for all costs incurred at your initial office visit. This includes your examination fee and any additional fees incurred, for example, fees for necessary x-rays. After your initial visit and a treatment plan has been established in our office, we will obtain an estimate of payment for future treatment costs from your insurance provider. This is referred to as a predetermination of insurance benefits. This information from your insurance provider will discuss how much the insurance company will cover of your recommended treatment plan. And the amount of financial assistance from the dental insurance carrier will be reimbursed to you directly.

If you have further questions or concerns about our policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why is your office not a “preferred provider” for my dental insurance?

Our attention to detail takes time and effort by our doctors and every member of his office, and this attention can sometimes be compromised by the restrictions that can associated with being a preferred provider for a dental PPO or HMO dental plan.

The dental PPO/HMO can offer economic incentives for seeing a “preferred provider” and our decision to decline participation in such plans is based on the belief that you are entitled to optimal dental care that only time, effort, and attention to detail can provide.

This decision based on your care ensures that:

  • You will always receive that highest quality care and treatment that we can provide.
  • You will always have the time and place to discuss your questions or concerns and we will do our best to ensure those concerns are answered in the most understandable and kind way possible.
  • Our patients are the reason our practice exists. Our primary goal will always be your well-being and comfort.