Revolutionary non-surgical treatment for moderate and severe gum disease:
Our office uses a revolutionary tool to effectively treat most cases of moderate and severe gum disease without the need of surgery.

Perioscopy is an advanced minimally-invasive procedure used in treating advanced periodontal (gum) disease. This technology features a small dental endoscope with microscopic video that has up to 48 times magnification, enabling you to view inside the pockets between the gum and teeth with advanced video, lighting and magnification.

Gum disease forms pockets where the gum has detached from the tooth due to the increasing accumulation of calculus (hardened deposits of mineralized plaque).  Where the pockets are 5 mm or more in depth, surgery has traditionally been needed to be able to see the buried calculus deposits and remove them.

Perioscopy removes the need for surgery for the vast majority of patients with moderate to severe periodontal disease, by utilizing the specially designed tiny video camera that can be inserted into a diseased gum pocket.  With this we can see deeply buried deposits of calculus that before would need surgery to detect.  Once the calculus is visible we can remove it with instruments very similar to, but smaller than those used for deep cleaning.  At the end of the procedure we can see our results of the cleaning with the high magnification to make sure that all deposits of calculus and plaque have been removed.

Perioscopy is recommended for patients who have one or more deep pockets that are more than 5mm deep. It is an effective way to treat advanced periodontitis without gum surgery.

Benefits of Perioscopy

  • Non-surgical procedure
  • No sutures!
  • Very little discomfort during and after procedure
  • Ability to detect deposits that can cause inflammation and bleeding
  • Ability to detect periodontal conditions in early stages
  • Enhances periodontal maintenance therapy
  • Helps preserve the patient’s natural teeth
  • Usually costs less than gum surgery

If you think you might be a candidate for perioscopy, please contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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