Medical Consequences

v-patient1Your oral health and your overall health are connected. By maintaining proper oral hygiene habits, you can help keep your entire body healthy, too! You can reduce your risk of developing the following conditions, diseases and illnesses by brushing and flossing twice every day, having a dental check-up at least twice a year, and having a periodontal examination each year.

  • Pancreatic Cancer, Heart Disease, Infections in the Lungs and Joints: Studies have shown that people with periodontal disease are at a higher risk for developing pancreatic cancer and heart disease. Inflamed, infected gums can allow bacteria to enter your bloodstream and be carried throughout the body.
  • Diabetes: Having diabetes inhibits patients’ abilities to fight off infections, including periodontal disease. Uncontrolled blood sugar levels have also been linked to periodontal disease, suggesting that the bacterial infection in the gums makes it harder to regulate blood sugars.
  • Low-Birth-Weight Babies: Some studies have also linked poor oral health and periodontal disease to pre-term, low-birth-weight babies being born. If you’re pregnant, we recommend that you see your dentist and have a periodontal examination.

Your memory can also be affected by periodontal disease. According to a study published by the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry, patients who had periodontal disease scored lower on memory test and cognitive skills test than patients who did not have the disease. The afflicted patients had more delayed verbal recall and had a harder time with subtraction. So if you’d like to stay mentally sharp, be sure to keep your mouth healthy!

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